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Topics of the Parallel Sessions

There are three streams in the parallel sessions consisting of various topics under each of the stream as follows.


Sub-theme 1: Public sector reform, policy, and innovation in changing state-market-society relations


  1. Repositioning state-society relations in policy process.
  2. Enhancing competence of civil servants.
  3. Reengineering services under public-private partnerships.
  4. Reconstructing central-local relations under administrative reform agenda.
  5. Harnessing innovation through technology governance in the face of digital era.
  6. Reaffirming accountable discretion in corruption prevention.
  7. Transforming politico-administrative system under changing constitutional and administrative laws.
  8. Improving public service delivery towards sound social policy


Sub-theme 2: Strategic Governance and Organizational Readiness towards Regional Cooperation


  1. Collaborative network
  2. Organisational competitiveness
  3. Business policy
  4. Business ethics
  5. Social marketing
  6. Cultural marketing
  7. Marketing policy
  8. Marketing communication
  9. Financial governance
  10. Small-medium enterprises
  11. Entrepreneurship
  12. Corporate culture
  13. Contemporary issues in regional economic corporation
  14. Strategic alliance for economic promotion
  15. Innovation and knowledge management


Sub-theme 3: Promoting Adaptable Fiscal Policy toward  Sustainable Development in Dynamic Public-Private-Society Relation


  1. Enhancing policy, capacity and IT-based tax administration to foster sustainable tax revenue
  2. Reconstructing fiscal policy and incentive to enhance business-friendly climate and social welfare
  3. Enhancing international cooperation towards optimized tax revenue potential
  4. Accountability and transparency on tax collection and spending from perspective state-society relation
  5. Transforming adaptive tax policy and regulation in dynamic changing world
  6. Enhancing fiscal decentralization and regulation on local tax to promote sustainable development